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  • Standardized process

    Jiali Law Firm has created the Procedure Management System of Litigation Cases. From consultation to case closure, each case is processed through 35 steps of standardized process. When to sign agency contracts, when to file a case, when to prepare evidence materials, when to litigate, every step of the process of the case is clear at a glance, so that the parties are not worried about the progress of the case in a timely manner, but also allow the Jiali lawyers to accurately control the key points of each case, and constantly improve the quality of handling cases.

  • Transparency of charges

    Many clients lack the understanding of the lawyer fee standard and do not know how to calculate the lawyer fee. Jiali law institutes adopt graded charging method. The charging method is simple,transparent, and clear. Lawyers of different levels, the degree of difficulty of the case, the size of the subject matter are different, there are detailed classifications, the parties can choose the most suitable lawyer according to the actual situation of the case, so that every penny is spent on the point.

  • Scheme customization

    At Jiali, in every case, we set up a "1 + 3" special service team, which is led by a senior lawyer who is an expert in Family and Marriage law, coordinated by a court lawyer, an auxiliary court lawyer and a business assistant, to provide high-quality services for the parties throughout the process. From the beginning of receiving the telephone consultation, every node, stage, case lawyer's coordination work, and so on, is provided with detailed division of labor to ensure smooth links that all work can be implemented in place.