Professional field
  • Divorce Negotiation
    Divorce Negotiation

    Using the professional knowledge of law, negotiation, psychology, and etc. to comprehensively analyze the causes and nature of the disputes between the husband and wife (the family members), clarifying the mutual restriction and entanglement of emotions and property in marriage and family for the parties concerned, adopting the negotiation principles and methods which are mos widely used in the world on the basis of fully understanding the needs of both parties, and formulating negotiation objectives with the parties concerned. Through customized negotiation plan and conducting divorce negotiation on behalf of the parties, Jiali hopes to properly solve issues regarding emotional, property, child support, and others, helping the two sides to separate peacefully.

  • Divorce Proceedings
    Divorce Proceedings

    Traditional Marriage and Family litigation cases are one of the main business of Jiali Law Firm, which currently account for more than 80% of the total business, including divorce, property division, child support, cohabitation disputes, and other cases. Although litigational divorce is relatively inefficient and prone to conflict, it is, however, the only way to counteract if the other party oppose to the divorce and refuse to divide the main property. In divorce proceedings, Jiali lawyers always adhere to the principle of the interest of the parties first, timely seize the favorable opportunities of reconciliation and mediation, help the parties to end the divorce proceedings as soon as possible, and to embrace the coming of a new life.

  • Child Fostering
    Child Fostering

    In the divorce disputes, for those parties with children, the kids are perhaps what they most concerned of and so are the hardest to face. As a family breaks down, to maximize the the protection of the children’s interests had been the top focused issue of Jiali lawyers. During the divorce process, Jiali counselors will use their rich experience in dealing with divorce cases involving children to formulate the most suitable parenting education programs for the parties concerned,and to provide psychological counseling to both parents and children when necessary, so as to minimize the impact of the parents’ divorce on children.

  • Real Estate Partition
    Real Estate Partition

    Real estate is the basic means of subsistence for every family and often times the most valuable joint property of consorts. Therefore, the division of real estate is often the focus of divorce proceedings. In order to let the parties share as much property rights and interests as possible, the Jiali lawyer summarized the judgemental thoughts of the courts on the division of property from more than 2000 cases on the issue, and guided the parties to fully tap their own advantages in the division of property, so as to realize the parties’ demand for the ownership of the house or the higher discount of the house.

  • Equity Partition
    Equity Partition

    Lawyers of Jiali not only have deep knowledge of Marriage and Family law, but also have the profundity of company law, securities law and other laws and regulations. Many lawyers have experience in capital market service in their early years. Lawyer Yiyi and Lawyer Yangshuai and other chief lawyers , among all the qualified lawyers, have handled hundreds of millions of divorce cases involving equity division. Around the parties’ demands for equity division, Jiali lawyers can provide professional and systematic legal services, customize legal and scientific equity disposal plans for the parties, and resolve equity disputes related to personal wealth and the fate of enterprises.

  • Inheritance

    The national traditional culture regards “no litigation” as the highest goal. For property disputes within the family, there is a saying that “it is difficult for a clean official to interrupt housework”. In inheritance disputes, the distribution of inheritance often concerns the emotional and property disputes of a family for decades. Jiali lawyers comprehensively analyze the legal, reasonable, and evidential situations of the case, and use negotiation, mediation, and litigation to eliminate the unreasonable legal ideas of all parties, so as to obtain reasonable and fair property rights and interest for the parties concerned, and at the same time to promote mutual understanding among family members as far as possible. We advocate “realizing the happiness of the family” in the hope that all members of a family can be happy.

  • Property Sharing
    Property Sharing

    In recent years, with the advancement of urbanization, the disputes of family property analysis cause by demolition and relocation are increasing. Problems in how to deal with issues like parents’ inheritance house demolition, brothers and sisters’ division of the interests of demolition; parents of one side’s house demolition, foreign daughter-in-law divorce claims to separate the interest of demolition are particularly prominent. We have dealt with family property analysis cases caused by demolition in all areas of Beijing. We are familiar with the demolition policies, agreements, procedures of demolition investigation and evidence collection, as well as the judgement ideas of local courts, so as to maximize the protection of the rights and interests of the parties.

  • Wealth Management
    Wealth Management

    Many families disputes arise from “wealth”, the famous Houmen Heritage Case, Gambling King’s division of labor case and many other cases have sounded the alarm to the world. Yi Yi, the founding partner and chief lawyer of Jiali, had been devoted to the inheritance of family business wealth for nearly a decade. Her team of family wealth management lawyers is familiar with the emotional and property risks in the process of inheritance of wealth. According to the personnel structure and family tradition of different famlies, she has formulated a comprehensive family inheritance legal scheme by means of will, support, trust and insurance, and assisted families. The enterprise carries out and implements the plan.

  • Agreement Drafting
    Agreement Drafting

    The service includes the drafting of agreements concerning Marriage and Family affairs, such as property agreements within marriage, divorce agreements, family division agreements, etc. Jiali lawyers have handled their rich litigation experience, accurately grasp the risks each party may face, making detailed arrangements in the agreement, and ensure the details of the agreement structure and expression to utmost to ensure that the content of the agreement conforms to the real meaning of the parties. If the parties and family members have reached an agreement on the division of property, they may directly entrust this service.