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Social position

  • -Marriage and family professional lawyer
  • -Lawyer of the Law Office of Jiali Law Firm

Social experience

-Personally handle 50 cases of marriage and family affairs +,-Good at mediation in litigation, communication under the court

Mr. Song has many years of experience as a legal counsel and law firm, and has accumulated rich experience in civil and commercial legal services. Has a profound theoretical foundation, keen case analysis ability and excellent trial response ability. Focusing on legal services for marriage and family affairs, he has handled more than 100 cases of various civil and commercial litigation cases, and more than 50 disputes concerning marriage and family affairs.

Mr. Song Yi is good at communicating effectively with the parties. He is good at considering the issues from the perspective of the parties, formulating a diversified dispute resolution plan, trying to help the parties resolve the dispute in the most reasonable way and maximizing the legal claims of the client.

Classic cases More cases>>

• Divorce dispute: The man does not agree to the first trial of divorce and has not been sentenced. After that, he communicates with the man several times to reach a mediation letter.

• Inheritance dispute: The remains of the elderly leave the property to the grandson and help other children to obtain legal inheritance through litigation.
• Inheritance disputes: After the death of the old man, there is no will, and the children can’t dispute with the property.
• Real estate disputes: After the divorce father, the real control of the son’s real estate, after repeated communication, finally mediate the real estate
• Real estate disputes: When the house was closed, it was found to be inconsistent with the building book and the purchase commitment, and it was argued that it would eventually return the full amount of the purchase.
• Child disputes: After the divorce, the man transfers the child abroad and refuses to communicate, helping the woman to gain access.