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Educational Background

Haoyun He graduated from Yunnan University Law School with an LL.B degree. During university, he participated in debate tournaments and moot courts including “The Lilü Cup Debate” on multiple occasions, and achieved outstanding performance. He also served as vice-president of the Youth Law Society of Yunnan University, and organised various events including attending trials, legal culture festivals and campus debates. He contributed to promoting the legal knowledge of his fellow university students and improving their legal awareness. During his internship at Yunnan Jiuxia Law Firm, he actively assisted the lawyers, continuously built a solid legal foundation for himself and won the recognition of his colleagues by demonstrating an excellent teamwork ability and rigorous and pragmatic working attitude. With his rich experience, he also answered the doubts of clients rigorously and responsibly, and maximised the rights and interests of parties on the basis of analysing each case, earning praise from his clients. In the future, while continually improving his professional ability, he will continue to prioritise maximising the rights and interests of his clients.

Social experience

Haoyun He is proficient in the use of a variety of research tools and skilled at identifying the most favourable information for a case; at the same time, he is good at comprehensively analysing cases and accurately identifying the key information in a case. He can figure out judgment principles through the judgments of similar cases, and based on those principles, according to the characteristics of each case, comprehensively provide the barristers with advice which is favourable to the clients, assist the barristers and clients in completing litigation, and maximise the clients’ interests.