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Educational Background

Chuyi Zhang graduated from the Jilin University School of Law with an LL.B degree. During university, she participated in debates, moot courts and other related activities on multiple occasions. She is good at analysing cases from the perspective of the relations among different legal rules. She collaborated with her classmates on analysing real estate legal issues during her degree, conducted in-depth project research and wrote a thesis which was recognised as a national first-level innovation project. In the meantime, she actively participated in off-campus internships. In Civil Division One of the Jilin Higher People's Court, she worked as a judicial assistant handing over documents, collecting cases and assisting in conducting trials. When receiving parties, she solved their legal confusion with her professional knowledge and won praise from the judges. During her internship at King & Wood Mallesons, she demonstrated her ability to be a good team player and take responsibility, earning the recognition of her colleagues.

Social experience

Chuyi Zhang is thoughtful and skilled at logical reasoning, making her good at putting herself in the situation and perspective of her clients, basing her analysis on the facts and laws, and giving professional and appropriate advice. By studying sociology, psychology and other related knowledge, she improved her theoretical knowledge and combined it with practical experience, enabling her to better serve her clients. Pragmatic, rigorous and responsible, she always prioritises the rights and interests of her clients.