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Educational Background

Jie Ding graduated from Huaqiao University with a Masters of Law degree. During her graduate studies, she reported on the results of discussions of legal issues on behalf of the group multiple times. During her undergraduate studies, she interned in a full-service law firm for several months where she was mainly responsible for such auxiliary works as drafting complaints and answers, assisting barristers in researching relevant rules and court cases, and communicating with practising lawyers to analyse the basic facts. During her internship, she participated in several lawsuits. In 2018, she also worked in the juvenile and family case division of a trial court for several months, assisting judges in conducting mediations and trials, and gaining familiarity with the operation procedures of family cases and basic judicial rules. In the same year, she passed the National Judicial Examination and obtained her legal professional qualification certificate.

Social experience

Jie Ding believes in adhering to professionalism, service and execution capability. Continually building a solid legal foundation is the prerequisite for the skilled application of legal rules and judicial precedents. Constantly developing excellent communication skills is the key to helping clients. Being practical, capable, experienced and detail-oriented is the ultimate guarantee of solving problems for clients.