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Social position

  • -Professional lawyer of marriage and family affairs
  • -Chief lawyer of case handling department of Jiali law firm
  • -In 2012, he was rated as excellent legal worker in Haidian District of Beijing
  • -Expert lecturer of law and tax examination
  • -Member of the 11th Tax Law Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association
  • -Beijing Evening News Invited Lawyer

Educational Background

Lawyer Wang Hongyue graduated from the Central University of Finance and economics with a master of law degree. In 2013, she passed the national judicial examination and obtained the legal professional qualification.

Social experience

50 cases handled+

Good at court, cross examination in court

Since he was engaged in legal work, Lawyer Wang has always adhered to the down-to-earth style of learning, summarizing and summarizing, and has accumulated rich experience. He is capable of receiving the parties, formulating litigation strategies and participating in the trial of cases.

Lawyer Wang Hongyue has assisted and handled a large number of litigation cases independently, forming his own thinking of handling cases. He is used to sorting out the case when he takes over the case, makes detailed evidence sorting forms and completes the writing of preliminary agency opinions before the trial. During the trial process, she can respond to the inquiry of the judge and the cross examination of the other party, and will improve the Deputy according to the court trial situation after the court In order to strive for the maximum interests of the parties in the whole process of handling the case.

Classic cases More cases>>

· Mediation divorce: dissatisfied with the division of property, the man disagrees with the divorce, and repeatedly communicates to help the woman divorce and get a large share of property

· Divorce dispute: one time divorce if the other party does not agree to divorce, and obtain high maintenance fee for the child
· Property disputes: after marriage, the man pays down the money from selling the house before marriage to buy a new house, and shares 50% of the share for the wife at the time of divorce
· Property disputes: the long-term separated man turns a blind eye to the children, helps the woman divorce and gets child support during the separation
· Child disputes: after divorce, the man never cooperates with the woman to visit the child, helping the woman sue to determine the visiting time and method
· Child disputes: prove that the moral quality of the woman is problematic, and strive for the custody of the child under two years old for the male party