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Educational Background

Yongchao Zhang, Master of Law, has been practicing in the court system and law firms for many times since 2013. He is familiar with the litigation process and focuses on the study of litigation practice. He is keen on the research of laws and regulations related to Marriage and Family affairs, and has his own unique opinions on the legal issues of Marriage and Family affairs. During the period at school, he has many legal aid experiences, allowing him to understand the helplessness of the disadvantaged groups, to help guard the rights and interests of the disadvantaged groups. He has helped a woman who was abandoned due to cancer to fight for the compensate for the divorce, taking responsibility for the work of indictment, and achieved excellent results.

Social experience

Through many experiences of fundamental work, answering hundreds of legal questions, Yongqiang Zhang has developed legal thinking. He has a solid theory literacy, allowing him to pay more attention to the combination of legal theory and lawyer practice. With strict and responsible working attitude, careful thinking, strong analytical and judgment ability, he is good at finding breakthroughs in complex legal relations, to arrive at appropriate litigation strategies. At the same time, he can understand the actual needs and situations of the parties through communication, and strive for more legitimate rights and interests for the parties concerned.