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Social position

  • -Professional lawyer of marriage and family affairs
  • -Chief lawyer of case handling department of Jiali law firm
  • -Beijing TV station "the third mediation room" invited experts
  • -Marriage law lawyer invited by police law online of Beijing People's Broadcasting Station

Social experience

10 years of practice experience+

500 cases handled in person+

Good at dealing with the trial and negotiating in court

Zhang Ping has been practicing for more than ten years and has rich litigation experience. She is especially good at dealing with marriage and family matters involving property division and child rearing. After ten years of accumulation, Lawyer Zhang has developed a strong and calm style of handling cases. He is sonorous and clear in court. He is good at catching the loopholes of the other side and stabbing the bottom line of the other side while maintaining a firm defense.

Zhang Ping is a farsighted lawyer with excellent risk control. She can find and solve the legal risks in the future in time. In a divorce real estate dispute case, the first instance ruled that the disputed house property belongs to our party, but the court found that the property was not included in the effective property agreement. Once the house property is demolished in the future, its demolition interests are likely to be identified as the joint property of husband and wife. When communicating with the judge of the second instance, Lawyer Zhang Ping shouldered the pressure, sorted out the detailed situation statement and submitted it. Finally, in the case of retaining the favorable judgment of the first instance, the second instance changed the adverse fact, which saved the parties from worries.

Classic cases More cases>>

· Mediation divorce: the marriage is not long, the judgment may be unfavorable to our parties, and the settlement of the case through mediation maximizes our interests

· Divorce dispute: after winning the first instance, the other party raised new evidence to divide the property, and argued that the court of second instance still won the case if it was not accepted by the court of second instance
· Divorce dispute: after the quarrel, the woman falls down and falsely claims to be sued for domestic violence, which helps the husband successfully divorce and overthrow the domestic violence claim
· Divorce dispute: the man claims that the woman's life is luxurious and intentionally transfers property, and the proof is based on joint consumption to reverse the adverse situation
· property disputes: the man sues the woman to split the demolition funds, carefully understand the resettlement agreement, and exclude the man's qualification to keep the woman's property
· Property disputes: the first instance's verdict is favorable but the fact finding is unfavorable, and the adverse fact is changed in the second instance
· Children disputes: quickly attack and actively respond to the lawsuit, so as to win the custody right of Longfeng fetus for the female party
· Separation of family and property: the woman's premarital house was demolished, and the man took advantage of the loopholes in the demolition agreement to sue for the division of the property and rejected her claim