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Social position

  • -Professional lawyer in Marriage and Family affairs
  • -Chief Lawyer of the case handling department of Jiali Law Firm
  • -Member of China Law Society
  • -Invited expert of Beijing TV’s “Third Mediation Room”
  • -Invited Marriage law expert of “ Online Police Law” of Beijing People’s Radio

Social experience

-Has the experience of handling cases for more than 10 years

-Has handled more than 500 cases in the field of Marriage and Family law

Lawyer Xu has the educational background of studying laws for seven years, keen legal thinking skills, and rich experience in dealing with cases. She has solid theoretical foundation of law, strong adaptability, stable and flexible style of appearing in court, and she can maximize the protection of the rights and interests of the clients.

Lawyer Xu has been practicing for more than 10 years, and many years of experience enable her to discover the core of the case quickly, accurately grasp the direction of the case; Lawyer Xu pays great attention to details and is good at effective communication with clients.