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Educational Background

Weijie Lv, a graduate of Jilin University of Finance and Economics, obtained a master’s degree in law and a legal professional qualification certificate in 2017, and won three successive scholarships at the university level during his stay. In theory, he has systematically and thoroughly studied the relevant laws and regulations concerning Marriage and Family affairs. In practice, he often participate in the consolation activities organized by the school, visiting and helping the widowed elderly, solving many contradictions within the family, and accumulate rich practical experiences. After graduating, he formally joined Jiali Law Firm, focusing on resolving the marital and family disputes that troubled the parties.

Social experience

Weijie Lv believes that law is not only a tool for him to make a living but a belief. He cares about the trouble of the parties in order to strive for the best interests of the parties within the scope permitted by law. In the face of complicated cases, he can always grasp the focus of the cases quickly, and accurately dock with the legal provisions. In addition, he is adept in using technology to integrate similar cases in a wide range, effectively and accurately depict the direction of the development of the case and the way of handling the case, which provides a powerful help for lawyers in the next case.