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Social position

  • -Professional lawyer of marriage and family affairs
  • -Head of case handling department of Jiali law firm
  • -Specially invited lawyer for "70 years and 70 questions" of people's network
  • -Lawyer invited by China Daily
  • -Beijing TV station "the third mediation room" invited experts
  • -Marriage law lawyer invited by police law online of Beijing People's Broadcasting Station

Social experience

200 cases of marriage and family affairs+

Good at negotiation, mediation and litigation.

"Make 100% efforts for 0.0001% of the possibility", which has always been the motto of Cao Ziyan's practice.

In an inheritance case of brothers fighting for the interests of the demolition of ancestral house, lawyer Cao represented his brother. In his early years, brother worked to earn money and build buildings, and contributed more to the construction of three ancestral houses. After the two brothers in the parents presided over the oral separation, the younger brother got a good homestead, the elder brother got two bad homesteads. More than 30 years later, both parents have passed away, and three homesteads have been demolished. After his younger brother obtained the benefits of good house demolition, he sued the court to inherit the demolition interests of one of the poor houses, involving more than 3 million yuan of demolition money and more than 500 square meters of demolition and resettlement houses. At present, the house is still registered in the name of his father. The younger brother refuses to admit that he once separated. The failure rate of the elder brother can reach 99.9999%. However, for the possibility of 0.0001%, lawyer Cao instructed his brother to find nine insiders to give written testimony, and persuaded four of them to testify in court. At the same time, he made a detailed visual chart to reproduce the use of the relevant homestead for more than 30 years. Finally, he successfully convinced the judge that the two brothers had separated, and the house involved in the lawsuit had been distributed to his brother, so the judge rejected it The younger brother's lawsuit request, the elder brother has preserved own due legitimate rights and interests.

Due to his outstanding professional ability and high satisfaction of clients, lawyer Cao Ziyan was selected as the head of case handling department by the Management Committee of family law firm. However, lawyer Cao Ziyan did not forget his original intention. He always handled every case like the first case in practice. He insisted on improving his professional ability in the case, and using his professional sense of smell, he put forward a new idea of agency when several cases were in a desperate situation. Finally, it was impossible to become possible.

In the face of his own achievements, lawyer Cao Ziyan repeatedly said: "thank the clients for their trust. Without their trust, I can do nothing."

Classic cases More cases>>

· Divorce dispute: the husband's infidelity is hard for the woman to sue to the end, and cleverly advises the woman to take advantage of the man's guilt period to get his premarital real estate

· Divorce dispute: the man cohabits with a third party for several months, and successfully sues for divorce to win real estate and spiritual damage compensation for the woman
· Divorce dispute: the woman is aggressive and difficult to communicate, and the professional hard bar strives for the male Party's over expected visitation rights and property rights and interests
· Property disputes: the man paid for the whole house before marriage and added the name of the woman after marriage. Several mediation in the lawsuit prompted the woman to agree to 20% of the compensation
· Property disputes: if the divorce agreement is not clear, the husband will not transfer his property after divorce, and negotiate and Sue in two months to reach a mediation agreement
· Property disputes: after the divorce agreement, the man refuses to pay the house discount, and the lawsuit pressure helps the woman get the house discount on the spot
· Property disputes: the sister-in-law sued her brother-in-law to pursue her house if she did not transfer the ownership of the house. After the ambush pen lost the lawsuit, the Jedi anti killing was staged
· Child disputes: provide evidence for the actual support after divorce, and exempt the parties from the maintenance fee of 170000 yuan
· Child disputes: the success rate of changing custody cases was only 0.0001%, and 99.9999% efforts were made to win miracles
· Inheritance disputes: the parents have wills to give the property to their son and successfully obtain the share of the property for the daughter through mediation
· Negotiation and settlement: the man's divorce negotiation failed for two years, and 20 million divorce cases were settled through professional negotiation within 15 days