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Social position

  • -Professional Lawyer in Marriage and Family affairs
  • -well experienced lawyer of the case handling department of Jiali Law Firm
  • -Invited expert of Beijing TV’s “Third Mediation Room”

Social experience

-Has handled more than 80 cases in the field of Marriage and Family law

-Expert in mediation in court and lawsuit

Lawyer Ran Liu concentrates on the legal services of Marriage and Family affairs with the happiness of the life of the parties and family harmony as the highest professional pursuit. Lawyer Liu has a solid theoretical foundation of 9 years of experience in civil and commercial legal services, as well as rich practical experience in the division of equity and real estate.

Lawyer Liu values great significance to the entrustment of every party, specializes in the details of each case in the spirit of craftsmen, and Lawyer Liu is adept in helping parties to restore trust, rebuild communication, and provide diversified dispute solutions for the parties from both emotional and legal perspectives. Lawyer Liu appears in court calmly without lengthy speeches nor omission, and spares no effort to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

Classic cases More cases>>

· Divorce dispute: the man has domestic violence and does not care about his family, helping the woman divorce and obtaining property and children

· Divorce disputes: after 8 years of marriage, the family members will become relatives, and mediation will help both parties properly solve the property problems of their children
· Property disputes: the third party provokes the man to transfer property and helps the woman divorce and recover the property
· Property dispute: the man intends to withdraw the marital property agreement to protect the property for the woman
· Debt dispute: the man privately owes a large amount of debt to help the woman divorce and relieve the debt repayment obligation
· Child disputes: the family environment of the woman is not conducive to the growth of the child, so she can win the custody of the only child for the man
· Child disputes: the man never visited the lactating child, and helped the woman sue to determine the way and time of the visit, which was supported by the court
· disputes over maintenance fees: the unmarried man who gave birth to a child failed to fulfill the responsibility of raising the child, and recovered more than 200000 alimony fees for the woman by taking the situation and law into consideration
· Inheritance dispute: the eldest brother repented about his mother's arrangement for another apartment after he got a room, and saved the property for the two sisters
· Separation of property: the funds for the demolition of the parents' legacy house were monopolized by the brothers, and more than 1 million compensation was recovered for the parties concerned