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Social position

  • -Professional Lawyer in Marriage and Family affairs
  • -well experienced lawyer of the case handling department of Jiali Law Firm
  • -Invited expert of Beijing TV’s “Third Mediation Room”

Social experience

-Has handled more than 80 cases in the field of Marriage and Family law

-Expert in mediation in court and lawsuit

Lawyer Ren is quick-thinking and has a solid theoretical foundation. After graduating, he devotes himself to the field of Marriage and Family affairs. He has a profound understanding of China’s Marriage Law, Inheritance Law and relevant judicial interpretations. He is expert in thinking from the perspectives of the parties, listening patiently to the expressions of the parties, and finding the most favorable evidence for his clients in the complicated legal relations.

Lawyer Zhengliang Ren is not rigid in the existing knowledge system, constantly breaking through his inherent thinking, trying to better safeguard the interests of the parties in a more efficient way; in the process of case preparation, he adheres to a realistic style of work, is good at using “big data” to analyze cases, and summarizes the inherent law from agency ideas, agency opinions, defense opinions and similar judgments. The practical experience summarized in the process of agency is timely applied to the existing Marriage and Family agency business. In the process of continuous coordination and communication with the parties, the lawyer summarizes his own set of communication methods, constantly improving professional level, and gaining the trust of the parties.

Classic cases More cases>>

·Mediation divorce: if the other party disagrees with the divorce, the evidence chain is formed to negotiate with each other to reach a mediation

·Rapid divorce: the court will be held within three days after filing the case, and the court will help the parties to express their opinions rationally, and the divorce will be successful within three days
·Divorce dispute: the jurisdiction court of military divorce case is in doubt, overcome the difficulties, put the case on file for trial, and achieve the purpose of the parties
·Property dispute: if the property has been sold and transferred to others in the lawsuit, the contract dispute shall be filed in time to promote both parties to reach a mediation
·Property disputes: the parties are dissatisfied with the discount compensation of the first instance judgment, and the second instance entrusts it to directly double the revised judgment
·Child disputes: the custody right of the child in the agreement divorce belongs to the other party, and the actual custody of the child is proved to the judge, and the custody right is finally recovered
·Inheritance disputes: it is difficult to handle the inheritance procedures of special real estate, and coordinate with various departments to help the parties inherit smoothly