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Social position

  • -Professional Lawyer in Marriage and Family affairs
  • -well experienced lawyer of the case handling department of Jiali Law Firm
  • -Invited expert of Beijing TV’s “Third Mediation Room”

Social experience

-Has handled more than 140 cases in the field of Marriage and Family law

-Expert in mediation in court and lawsuit

Lawyer Ainan Geng has been practicing at Jiali Law Firm since when she was in college, dealing with family cases from the beginning of her working career. She has her own unique views on family affairs. She is good at using technology to combine family cases with high-tech, conducting legal retrieval and case data analysis, and analyze cases in a three-dimensional way of thinking; at the same time, she is skilled in digitalizing the data. Visualized methods such as probability will present the idea of case representation and evidence arrangement to the parties, so as to help the parties to better understand the lawyer’s thinking of case handling and the judge’s thinking trial.

Lawyer Geng has strong affinity and good communication skills. Up to now, she has helped more than 1000 parties to solve their legal problems. She can deal with the relationship between the parties, judges, and lawyers, and she urges judges to arrange the progress of the whole case. There is nothing trivial about family affairs. Lawyer Geng hopes to use her rigorous and positive attitude to complete the work of case-handling lawyers with all her heart and soul, so as to help each client to get the greatest benefit.

Classic cases More cases>>

·Divorce Mediation: help the husband to divorce successfully and strive for the best interests through the appeal and feasibility analysis of the man

·Divorce dispute: the man evades the divorce lawsuit and fails to get divorced in the first instance, and then communicates with the man in many ways to promote the divorce agreement between the two parties
·Property disputes: the parents partially contribute to the purchase of the house for the man, and only 20% discount is given to the woman for divorce to keep the parents' pension money
·Property disputes: divorce after buying a house for three days, then remarry and divorce several times to help the woman divide the house as common property
·Property disputes: the man cohabits with a third party for ten years, and negotiates to help the woman and the legitimate children to win all six houses in the marriage
·Child disputes: the spouse of a military marriage is unfaithful and abusive to help the military fight for child custody and superior property interests
·Child disputes: the child is robbed by the man for one year, and negotiation helps the woman get custody and 20000 Education Fund and insurance every year
·Inheritance dispute: the grandmother left the house to her granddaughter and won the house ownership for her son who was far away overseas