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Educational Background

Jingyu Wang, who worked in the judicial system for several months in 2012, assisted judges in court. In 2016, she obtained the legal professional qualification certificate and joined the Jiali team in the same year. Since her entry into the office, she has answered the legal questions of Marriage and Family affairs for more than 2000 people, and has been highly recognized by many parties. The types of work are complex, including drafting complaints, filing cases, collating evidence, organizing case ideas,registration of objections, translation of legal documents, and other ancillary court work, familiar with various business processes and communication skills with judges. At the same time, she has assisted Director Yi Yi in handling many family disputes. In the inheritance disputes in the Sha family, another case was established in time and the trial of the case was successfully suspended. In the divorce disputes in the Pan family, Wang handled objection registration in time and successfully prevented the other party from transferring property. In many cases, Wang communicated with the judge more than 50 times, saving litigation time for more than 20 parties.

Social experience

Jingyu Wang firmly believes that only being focused can we strive for excellence. Her style of work is skillful, down-to-earth and rigorous, frank and open-minded, and clear and accurate in handling cases. In the aspect of evidence organizing, she has been trained in high-end legal courses, and is good at simplifying the complexity and controlling the complexity; she has rich experience in communicating with the parties and judges, accurate language and unimpeded; he is familiar with the court case handling process, and is familiar with procedural issues. Since the day of joining Jiali, she has been firmly engaged in legal services for Marriage and Family affairs for a long time, and has spared no effort to live up to the entrustment of the parties.