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Social position

  • -Professional lawyer in Marriage and Family affairs
  • -Chief Lawyer of the case handling department of Jiali Law Firm
  • -Invited expert of Beijing TV’s “Third Mediation Room”
  • -Invited Marriage law expert of “ Online Police Law” of Beijing People’s Radio

Social experience

-Has handled more than 100 cases in the field of Marriage and Family law

-Expert in mediation in court and lawsuit

Lawyer Yuhang Chen, in both work and life, has always been adhering to the idea of altruism. After becoming a marriage and family lawyer, she is also committed to striving for the greatest legitimate rights and interests of the parties. Lawyer Chen's practice principle and ethics are not to provoke litigants to bring a lawsuit, but to dissuade them from litigating and provide them with the most cost-effective solution to the problem.

Lawyer Chen is calm in court. She is good at dealing with unexpected situations. Her speech in court is brief, forceful and concise. Especially good at seizing the changes in the hearts of the parties, seizing the appropriate opportunity, trying to mediate disputes, Lawyer Chen saves the burden of litigants. It is precisely because of her handling style which considers the client's interests at all times, it has received unanimous praise from judges and clients.