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Social position

  • -Professional lawyer in Marriage and Family affairs
  • -Chief Lawyer of Jiali Firm
  • -Expert in controlling ad coordinating the process of case
  • -Invited expert of Beijing TV’s “Third Mediation Room”
  • -Invited Marriage law expert of “ Online Police Law” of Beijing People’s Radio

Social experience

In the 10 years of practice, Lawyer Jiang has provided legal services to more than 1000 clients and accumulated rich practical experience in communication and negotiation and trial. As a professional lawyer in the fields of Marriage and Family law, Lawyer Jiang has also some study in the field of psychology. She is skilled in customizing solutions for clients from the perspectives of psychology, emotion, law, and other aspects based on substantive contradictions within marriage. She firmly believes that litigation is not the only way to solve the problem, and always regards striving for the best interests of the parties as the primary responsibility.

Lawyer Jiang always upholds a cautious, serious, and meticulous working style in handling cases. She is accomplished in finding a s new way from the desperate situation and striving for the best interests of the parties, thus gaining acclamation from the parities.

Classic cases More cases>>

·Mediation divorce: the man's cheating and asking for a divorce will help the woman get custody of the child and all the real estate will be successfully exempted from the discount

·Divorce dispute: the husband divorced during marriage and asked for a divorce to help the man leave the house
·Property disputes: 70% of the property for the parties concerned when the evidence of derailment is insufficient
· real estate disputes: the case that the man asked his parents to buy a house under his name was supported by the prosecution, and the case was successfully overturned in the second instance
·Child disputes: use the fault of the other party's marriage to win custody for the party under unfavorable conditions
·Child disputes: to earn child custody rights for the parties within two months, and to pay more than 120000 yuan per year before the age of 22
·Mediation Conciliation: pre litigation mediation successfully split the estate, eliminating all litigation costs and notarization fees.
· testamentary disputes: when there is a will, the housing reform house will be used to obtain 1.5 million yuan of compensation for customers
·Divide the family and separate the property: successfully recover the huge amount of demolition funds occupied by the customers, and get them back in court
·Inheritance dispute: breaking the name of buying a house by borrowing one's name, recognizing the real estate as an inheritance, and protecting a huge amount of real estate for the parties concerned