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Social position

  • -China's well-known marriage and family lawyer
  • -Director of Beijing Jiali Law Firm
  • -Principal speaker lawyer of CCTV’s programme The Law Lectures
  • -Specially invited lawyer of CCTV ‘s programme Community Events
  • -Specially invited expert of Beijing TV ’s programme Third Mediation Room
  • -Specially invited marriage lawyer of the programme Online Police and Law of Beijing People's Broadcasting Station
  • -Beijing Excellent Lawyer from 2015 to 2018
  • -Excellent Communist Party Member among Beijing Lawyers from 2018 to 2019

Educational Background

Public interest lawyer of All-China Women's Federation, Representative of Beijing Lawyers Congress, Deputy Director and Expert Consultant (as the first batch) of Research and Development Center of Small and Medium-sized Law Firm of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association.

Social experience

Yi Yi has been practising law for 11 years and always focused on the legal affairs of marriage and family. She solved problems of marriage and family for more than 1,000 clients, accumulating rich practical experience. She has handled the divorce case of a shareholder of a large-scale real estate enterprise within one month and won more than 50-million-yuan property rights for the client; she also overturned the first trial where the client lost the divorce lawsuit (which meant the court ruled that the wife got no money) in the second trail. The amount in dispute was 2.3 billion and the case was unprecedented in the country.

Classic cases More cases>>

· Successful divorce case: successfully helping the client to completely escape from the painful marriage after 4 years procrastination
· Foreign-related divorce case: handling divorce cases with full power, exempting the client from 6 round trips between China and the United States
· Invalid Marriage Case: helping a married woman successfully invalidate a marriage and erase the marriage history record
· Divorce property case: in the divorce case of a shareholder of a real estate enterprise, helping the client win 50 million within one month
· Divorce equity case: divorce in a case with the subject amount of 230 million, helping the wife gained nothing in the first trail while obtained nearly 100 million compensation in the second trial
· Divorce property case: winning the house for the client with 27500-yuan discounting cash to the other party as compensation
· Demolition case: in a case where the daughter-in-law asked for demolition money, successfully saving 2 million compensation for the client
· Divorce custody case: in a case where the client lost two children after a fake divorce, helping the deceived mother retake the children’ custody
· Divorce support case: successfully reducing support cost from 18,000 yuan per month to 4000 yuan per month