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Big Data of Jiali Cases in 2016-2017

Release time:2019-09-17 The author:unknown
From February 2016 to December 2017, Beijing Jiali Law Firm has received more than 500 cases of marriage and family legal services, providing free legal counseling for more than 15,000 people.

In the cases handled by Jiali, litigation business accounts for about 80%. In all litigation cases, divorce disputes accounted for 77.5%, property disputes after divorce accounted for 2.3%, children upbringing and visitation rights disputes accounted for 4.2%, inheritance disputes accounted for 8.2%, and other marital and family disputes accounted for 7.9%. Among other disputes related to marriage and family affairs, there are mainly civil debit and credit disputes caused by family members' investment in house purchasing, divorce and inheritance disputes caused by division of property, ownership confirmation disputes, invalidation of contract disputes, and some personal injury compensation disputes, reputation disputes, and property returns disputes caused by extramarital affairs.


In divorce lawsuits that have been settled by Jiali law firm, 66.67% of the cases involve the division of real estate and 10% of the cases involve the division of equity. In cases involving child support, Jiali Lawyers found that courts were increasingly inclined to adjudicate that the child should be brought up directly by the actual caregiver, which led to chaos between husband and wife during separation. In cases involving child support, the amount of alimony between 3000 and 5000 yuan was relatively common in cases where Jiali Lawyers had completed cases involving alimony.

Through research and development, Jiali law firm found that the value of marriage is generally underestimated, mainly reflected in the increasing divorce rate, the widespread phenomenon of non-marital cohabitation, and changes in marriage are having a far-reaching impact on inheritance disputes. On the one hand, the widespread phenomenon of divorce and remarriage weakens the links between family members and leads to disputes between stepparents and children over inheritance; on the other hand, unmarried cohabitation leads to disputes over the unmarried births and the births.

In the cases of inheritance disputes handled by Jiali lawyers, 23% of all inheritance disputes occurred between stepparents and children; 6.7% of all inheritance cases involving children born out of wedlock, showing an upward trend; and the cases involving testamentary inheritance disputes accounted for the total number of inheritance disputes. 16.7%, the main controversy is that the form of the will is illegal, the testator disposed of the joint property of husband and wife, and the legatee did not explicitly accept the bequest within two months.


From the way of closing cases, mediation is still the mainstream way of closing cases in marriage and family litigation. However, in recent years, the mediation rate of marriage and family lawsuits in China has been decreasing year by year, even dropping to 38.52% in 2016. Judging from the marital and family lawsuits that have been settled by the Jiali Law Institute, the conciliation rate is about 41.82%. From the case experience of the Jiali Law Institute, the effect of appeal mediation is better. At the same time, we believe that it is more important to help the parties restore trust and rebuild communication than to emphasize conciliation, especially in divorce proceedings involving the upbringing of children.

The achievements and honors of 2017 have already passed. In 2018, Jiali Members are still on the road. We insist on the spirit of professional, cooperative, caring, open and innovative Jiali to provide customers with better quality and temperate legal services.